Your customized report on treatment options

Reports are individually searched for each of our clients based on his or her specific illness, previous treatment (if any), age, and other factors. Your comprehensive cancer treatment report includes:

  • a layperson overview of your illness
  • a technical (medical professional) overview of your illness
  • a listing of current clinical trials for your illness worldwide
    • details including names, addresses, and phone numbers for the person and organization leading each clinical trial listed
    • names of all doctors and institutions in your region authorized to administer each clinical trial
  • the latest treatment-related developments for your specific illness from over 3,500 medical and scientific journals, from the USA and abroad (including the researcher's name and institution)

A typical report for cancer is between 80 and 200 pages, and for non-cancer illnesses between 50 and 120 pages. Compiling a report currently costs $149.00 for any cancer illness, $129.00 for any non-cancer illness.

Note: We do not sell canned or republished reports. Each report is individually searched and customized to your unique situation.

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We will contact you with any questions and get your report out to you within 2 business days.

Order by phone: Call us at 401-751-0120 to order a report or get answers to your questions. We will not pressure you to order. We can not provide medical advice.