Our Guarantee

Can I do the searching myself?

Yes you can, but we can do it better. We have specific training from The National Library of Medicine and other medical database providers, we have proprietary software, and we have many years of experience searching for treatment options for people with cancer. See the page do it myself? for more information.

Where do you get the information you provide?

Our searches rely on the government databases including PubMed, PDQ and others. These databases are available to the public. However, they are far from user friendly (especially PubMed). We have the expertise, experience, and proprietary software to efficiently get the information we are seeking from the databases and to coherently organize and present it.

Do you search for alternative cures or traditional cures?

Alternative to what? Call it traditional, alternative, western, eastern, or something else. The real question is what works best? We search for the treatment options that work the best, regardless of the category or label. For more information on our policy regarding alternative treatment searches, See the page Alternative Treatments.

How long does it take to complete a report?

In most instances, reports are completed and sent within two days. We can often complete a report on a rush basis--less than 24 hours, for a small extra fee.

How much does a report cost?

Currently a report for any type of cancer is (US)$215.00 and $195.00 for any non-cancer illness.

How is my report sent to me?

In most cases your report will be sent via email as a PDF document. It will include links to some of the original sources.

Are your reports off the shelf or individualized to each client?

Each report is individually searched when it is ordered. An elderly person with recurred colon cancer for example, will get a very different report from a young person with newly diagnosed stage II colon cancer. In fact, someone ordering a report today, will get a different report from the one they would have received, had they ordered a month ago. We are looking for the most current information possible.

What is your training?

Every one of us who does direct searching has participated in at least 3 National Library of Medicine sponsored training sessions and has at least several years searching experience specifically for treatment for serious illness. Note also that we rely partly on proprietary software developed specifically for the purpose of searching the medical and scientific databases.

Do your reports include foreign medical information and treatments?

Absolutely! We are more concerned with how well the treatment works than with what country it comes from. The databases we use include articles from well over 100 countries worldwide. Your report will be entirely in English because non-English articles (summaries) are translated before being entered in the databases.

Several of our clients have found treatments based on research from outside the US. In some cases they were able to get the foreign developed treatment here. In other instances they have traveled to Europe, Canada, and Japan.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Our only guarantee is that we will do the best we can to find whatever information is available for your particular situation. If it's out there will find it. We can not guarantee that we will find a better treatment then the one your doctor is currently using or proposing. You may learn form our report that what your doctor is proposing is the best treatment currently available. At the very least, you will gain the peace of mind of knowing that you are apprised of all your treatment options.

Doesn't my doctor have all this information?

Not necessarily. Not every doctor is concerned with keeping up with the latest developments. Even those who are up on the latest developments often disagree with other equally qualified doctors as to the best treatment options. What's more, in today's medical environment, doctors are under pressure to spend less and less time with each patient. Few doctors have time to research treatment developments for each individual patient. We believe that patients should be making their own medical choices based upon the best information available.

I'm at a top medical center. Don't they know what the best treatment is?

Cancer treatment is complex. Different cancer centers have different opinions as to how various cancers should be treated. A while ago we got a call from a nurse at Mayo clinic who ordered a report for her lymphoma. She said "I know I'm at one of the best medical facilities in the world, and I know how they will treat me here. But I want to know what Johns Hopkins, and MD Anderson, and Sloan Kettering and others would do for me and how it would differ from Mayo's approach.

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