Can't I do this searching myself?

The short answer is, yes you can. But we can do it better. And when the difference can be as important as finding a possible life saving treatment, better certainly matters.

We have been trained by the National Library of Medicine in the use of its rather complex databases. We've been using those databases specifically to find treatment for cancer illnesses since 1993. What's more, we have developed proprietary software that we use to assure we are honing in on information in the databases that may help our client find the best treatment available.

Many of us can paint our own house, or change the oil in our car, or cut our own hair. But we prefer to have others do it because they can do it better and we don't want to risk the damage from a less than ideal job. The repercussions of a less than ideal search for life saving cancer treatment is far more serious than a botched paint job or haircut.

We've received several calls that go something like this: "I'm a computer programmer with X years of experience. I can figure out how to do what you're doing but it would take me at least a full day and I still wouldn't be able to do it as well as you do. I'd much rather pay you a couple hundred dollars to do it for me."

If you want to try it yourself first, go ahead. All the information is available to you in accessible databases. But if you want us to do it better, quicker, and more efficiently, fill out this form or call us today at 401-751-0120. We'll be happy to answer your questions, and we won't pressure you to order a report. We can not provide medical advice.

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