About Alternative Treatments

We are often asked about alternative cancer treatments. However, answering this question is harder than it might seem. To us, this is not the right question. The real question is "Does the treatment work or does it not?" Whether it's labeled "alternative" or "traditional" or "Western" or "Eastern" doesn't matter. What matters is whether it has indicated, through legitimate study that it might be effective in the treatment of your illness.

Alternative to What?

Often times when I'm asked about alternative treatments, I'll ask "alternative to what"? If you are looking for an alternative to a proposed treatment that isn't very effective, because you want to find one that has some evidence that if may be better, yes we definitely look for alternative treatments. If you are say, looking for an alternative to western science because you believe it's somehow corrupt or subject to conspiracies, and you're convinced that gurus preaching macrobiotic diets have better treatments based on mystical truths that transcend science, better you should look elsewhere. You will be disappointed with our report.

Having said all that, we generally do include a section in our search report that includes reports of less traditional methods that could be labeled as alternative. However, it is a small section, less than 10% of the report, and is still compiled from medical and scientific sources. It typically will includes articles on so-called alternative treatments or complementary medicines that have been empirically evaluated.

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